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Personal Injury

Whether you have suffered a slip and fall, vehicle accident or major trauma we are here to help. No Win, No Fee Guaranteed.

Social Security

Nationwide Social Security Disability claims. Our proven 124 step case management system stacks the deck in your favor.

Workers Comp.

Have you been injured at work and not able to work for more than 21 day? If you have we can help you get workers compensation benefits.

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We are specialists in medical law. Our law practice is focused on personal injury, worker’s compensation and social security disability claims. If you’re hurt we can help.

Worker's Compensation

Injured while at work or on the job? You may be due worker’s compensation if you have missed more than 21 days of work.
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Personal Injury

A serious injury requiring that was not your fault you may be entitled to compensation, protect your legal rights with proper legal representation.
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Social Security Disability

If you are unable to work due to an injury or illness you may qualify for Social Security Disability. Call Now For A Free Case Review!

Automobile Accident

Car accidents on Georgia roads is daily event. If you have been involved in a traffic accident you need to speak with a lawyer.

Big Truck Accident

Motor vehicle accidents involving large semi-trucks can be catastrophic. If you are a family member has been injured or worse protect your legal rights.

Motorcycle Accident

As a motorcycle operator or passenger and accident involving other vehicles can be extremely serious or worse.

Bicycle Accident

Bicyclists getting into serious accident with other road users need proper legal representation to protect their legal rights.

Pedestrian Accident

Have you been injured as a pedestrian? Walking on a road, sidewalk or path can be fraught with danger the greatest one being hit by a motor vehicle.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Have you been injured by no fault of your own through a slip or fall inside a building or outdoors? Learn more.





Audrey looks after your medical legal reports, manages the trial diary and coordinates services for our clients.

Sam Earley

Sam Earley


Sam Early is rated as a Super Lawyer by AVVO and a  peer review Martindale Hubbell Preeminent Attorney.  



Case Manager

Molly is our Case Manager and she looks after your case and moves it forward to get an optimal outcome.


Mr. Earley is currently representing me in a personal injury claim from a recent motor vehicle accident. He and his staff have done a great job in keeping me informed on the progress of my case and in ensuring that my medical bills are paid by the defendant’s insurance company. Things have definitely moved forward much more quickly and efficiently once Sam and his team got involved, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking compassionate, tough, and aggressive representation.


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