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Our slip and fall injury law firm can help you with your injury claim. Each year, thousands of claims are made because of a slip and fall injury. A slip and fall injury may be due to unlit stairways, wet floors, uneven floors, or construction defect. Slip and fall accidents may be caused by slippery surfaces, parking ramp falls, sidewalk falls, or fall from a terrace or balcony. This type of accident may result to severe, life-changing injuries that may also lead to a wrongful death.

 When an unfortunate accident like this happens to you or your loved one, it is always best to speak to a slip and fall injury lawyer. We can help you evaluate your case to determine if you are owed damages for the property or business owner’s negligence. A complete understanding of how the law works is your advantage when working with a slip and fall injury lawyer. Some elements we consider when investigating your case are past complaints about the present threat, determining the negligence of a business or property owner, and finding out if the injured victim was also negligent.


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Slip & Fall Injury Law Firm Georgia

Being in an accident may leave you or your loved one asking what to do next. For questions about your slip and fall accident, talk to our lawyers at the Law Office of Samuel Earley. Our highly-skilled lawyers have helped slip and fall injury victims claim for damages in the Atlanta Georgia area.


Premises Liability

When a property owner or custodian is negligent in a property’s repair and maintenance, a slip and fall accident is considered as a premises liability case. The states require property owners to maintain their property to avoid being an unreasonable cause of harm to anyone who visits the property. These laws affect both business owners and homeowners and will depend on the state and federal laws applied to your situation. For examples, a homeowner or public store’s duty is to let you know of any known or existing danger that you might encounter. Construction workers are required to warn and protect the public from danger at their work site. Even if you have been warned of a possible injury, they may still be held responsible for any injury you received while you are on their premises.

Business owners owe the persons using his premises to reasonable care. He is expected to keep passageways, stairways, floors, and aisles in a reasonably safe condition. Reasonable care includes keeping the property away from any hazardous condition that may create damage.

If a business owner or property owner fails to provide a safe environment and you or your loved one got an injury, you may claim for damages. There are different damages you may claim for, these damages may include pain and suffering, lost wages or income, and medical costs.

Premises liability cases are:

 – Slip and falls at commercial establishments caused by any liquid or foreign substances

– Trip and fall incidents caused by unsafe property conditions

– Construction site accidents

– Assaults by employees or business patrons

Ice and Snow Fall

A property owner is obligated to keep their property maintained to avoid potential safety hazards. A “reasonable” amount of time is given to property owners to remove snow and ice on their property. If in a middle of a snowstorm, a fall was caused by a snowy sidewalk, the property owner may not be held responsible because the storm is in progress.

When an unnatural accumulation of ice or snow has been caused by the property’s current conditions, the property owner may be held responsible for the slip and fall accident. Examples of these are: (1) ice from the roof that freezes on the ground, and melting and dripping off was caused by a clogged drain; or (2) melted ice in a parking lot has formed into puddles, which then freezes into ice patches.

Fall Down the Stairs

This type of accident may be a result of defective or broken stairs.

A property owner’s responsibility is to make sure that the stairs do not cause any harm, or accidents to everyone who has access to it. Stairs have to be the same rise and depth, with its edges visible. The stairs should be free from any debris or other obstacles. A property owner is should also make sure that the stairs are properly lit, with strong handrails on either side.

Showing reasonable care is the property owner’s responsibility. The public, on the other hand, must be careful and watchful of where we are going.

When Is It Considered “Reasonable”?

“Reasonable” care is when the property owner shows careful in their efforts to keep their property safe and clean. A property owner should also know or should have known of any risk, and have taken steps to avoid it.

Here are some questions you may ask to know if a property owner may be held responsible for your injuries:

 – Slipped or fell on a wet or uneven area? Was the area dangerous enough that the property owner “should have known: about it?

– Was there any accident that happened there before?

– Is there regular maintenance, cleaning or repairing scheduled on the property? Can the owner show any proof of the regular maintenance?

– When you slipped or tripped from an object that shouldn’t be left on the ground, is there a good reason for the thing to be there? Or was there a reason that is no longer existent that should have made the area safe?

– Should a barrier be installed to act as a warning of possible danger?

– Does poor or broken lighting an added cause of the accident?

Who May Be Held Liable for My Injuries?

 One of these conditions must be present for a property owner to be held liable:

 The property owner or a staff has caused a spill or another dangerous condition.

– The property owner or a staff has known about the dangerous condition and was unable to fix it properly.

– The property owner or a staff “should have known” that a dangerous condition is existing.

What To Do After a Slip and Fall Accident?

– Do not make any comments or detailed statements relating to who was at fault

– Take note of the names of the property owners and managers

– Take note of the witnesses’ names

– Take clear pictures of the scene and the injuries

– Keep the footwear and clothing

– Get medical attention

– Never give out recorded statements to insurance adjusters

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Samuel E. Earley Jr. is a big truck injury claim lawyer from Winder, GA, a suburb just north of Atlanta who is viewed by his peers as an outstanding attorney in the USA for his practice areas of law.  Sam graduated in Georgia State University of Law and was called to the Georgia Bar in 2004.

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