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Pedestrian Accident Law Firm Georgia- Our slip and fall injury law firm can help you with your injury claim. Each year, thousands of claims are made because of a slip and fall injury. A slip and fall injury may be due to unlit stairways, wet floors, uneven floors, or construction defect. Slip and fall accidents may be caused by slippery surfaces, parking ramp falls, sidewalk falls, or fall from a terrace or balcony. This type of accident may result to severe, life-changing injuries that may also lead to a wrongful death.

 When an unfortunate accident like this happens to you or your loved one, it is always best to speak to a slip and fall injury lawyer. We can help you evaluate your case to determine if you are owed damages for the property or business owner’s negligence. A complete understanding of how the law works is your advantage when working with a slip and fall injury lawyer. Some elements we consider when investigating your case are past complaints about the present threat, determining the negligence of a business or property owner, and finding out if the injured victim was also negligent.


Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Georgia?

If you have been injured by no fault of your own while walking on public or private property you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Your pedestrian injury settlement claim amount is based on many factors, therefore there is no simple way to calculate your personal injury claim value. Give Sam a call and get a free case review and determination of your pedestrian injury settlement.

Personal injury claims, including pedestrian accidents have a specific time period when you need to make your personal injury claim otherwise you may be barred by time. Call our injury law firm now before it’s too late.

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Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Being a pedestrian that has been hit by a vehicle, there is a high risk of serious injury. This type of accident may happen on a sidewalk, a crosswalk, or while walking through a parking lot. Thousands of pedestrians encounter a traffic collision accident every year in Georgia. Unfortunately, these may sometimes lead to an injury, or worst, to their death.

Calling a pedestrian injury lawyer to help you go after those that are responsible for you or your loved one’s pedestrian accident is important. Although no highly-skilled lawyer will guarantee you results, the lawyers at the Law Offices of Samuel Earley work to give you the highest chance of receiving compensation. We know that you need and deserve to receive compensation for the injuries that you incurred.


Pedestrian Safety

Someone is considered a pedestrian when he is traveling by foot. That person may be walking to go to school or work, on a stroll, or out on a recreational run. A person traveling on wheels that is not a bicycle and motorcycle is also called a pedestrian. The pedestrian may be traveling on a scooter, skateboard, roller blades/skates, and wheelchair.

A pedestrian is at a high risk of serious injuries when they get involved in a traffic collision. So when is a motorcycle vehicle driver required to stop for a pedestrian? Here are some of the situations.


At intersections with signals:

– Drivers turning left or right should give the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the sidewalk, when approaching a green signal.

– Drivers should give the right-of-way to pedestrians lawfully within the crosswalk when making a red after stopping.

At crosswalks and intersections without signals:

 – When the pedestrian is on the half of the roadway where the vehicle is traveling.

– When the pedestrian is approaching within one lane of the half of the roadway where the vehicle is traveling.

The Pedestrian’s Responsibility

A pedestrian’s safety is not only the driver’s responsibility. Listed below are some steps a pedestrian can make to lower their risk of being in a traffic collision. They may help lower down the danger of pedestrian accident injuries, but driver error still cannot be avoided.

– Using marked crosswalks and intersections

– Stopping and looking left and right before crossing the road

– Making use of the pedestrian push buttons

– Properly observing “walk” signals

– Wearing clothes that are easy to see after dark, and during bad weather

– Keeping an eye out for vehicles backing up in parking lots and driveways


Pedestrian Accident Lawsuit: Financial Compensation

When a pedestrian accident involved an impaired driver, hit-and-run, or other negligent or illegal acts against human safety, the case may be handled in the interest of justice. With the help of an experienced lawyer like the lawyers from the Law Office of Samuel Earley, you can obtain compensation for damages. A pedestrian accident lawyer will help you build a solid claim in an intense and complex personal injury case.

Finding out the level of compensation a victim should be entitled is a rough road to take, especially when you are on your road to recovery. Financial hardship is another thing you deal with after a pedestrian accident. Let your personal injury lawyer deal with the law, compensation value and jurisdiction on your behalf. Your trusted personal injury lawyer will take care of your pedestrian accident concerns in and out of the courtroom.

Some damages a victim may be compensated in a pedestrian accident lawsuit:

 – Costs for medical care

– Prescription costs

– Expenses for therapy and rehabilitative care

– Damage to personal property

– Lost wages for time away from work

– Loss of benefits

– Loss of consortium

– Compensation for harm and losses suffered

– Many others

Pedestrian Accident Liability

Finding out who is liable in a case of pedestrian and traffic accident is important in creating a compensation plan. Accidents that could have been prevented is different from unpreventable accidents, and this helps in finding out the level of compensation a pedestrian accident victim may receive. Preventable accidents are brought about by recklessness, inadequate or incorrect road maintenance, or misplaced or missing signage. Unpreventable accidents include, but not limited to, vehicle malfunction or defect, inclement or bad weather, a health condition that leaves a driver unexpectedly incapacitated.

Emotional and physical healing is important to a victim that has suffered from a pedestrian accident. Going after who is liable in your or your loved-ones pedestrian accident will find out which compensatory damages you may receive. An accident may severe injuries or a wrongful death. The lawyers at the Law Offices of Samuel Earley provides a free consultation to help you find out if, and how much you may receive for monetary damages. We will guide you through the whole legal process, so you can focus on your healing.

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