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Finding the right personal injury lawyer in Georgia is about matching your legal issue with the best attorney for your specific case. At the Law Offices of Samuel E. Early we are specialists in medical related legal issues. Whether you have a personal injury case, a medical condition that makes it difficult to work and you require Social Security Disability (SSD) or have injured yourself at work or on the job give Sam a call today and have a personal case review. At the end of your free case review we will advise you if you have the legal grounds to start a case, and if you have a case that we can help you with we will offer you a retainer. Virtually all of our cases are No Win – No Fee. There is no money out of your pocket, if we win your case we take our fee from the money you receive. When you retain Samuel E. Earley – Attorney, you will get personal one on one support, constant communication and a caring team working for you.


Need A Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

If you have been injured by a dog bite or other animal attack your may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Your personal injury settlement claim amount is based on many factors, therefore there is no simple way to calculate your dog bite injury claim value. Give Sam a call and get a free dog bite case review.

Bog bite claims have a specific time period when you need to make your dog bit claim otherwise you may be barred by time. Call our dog bite injury law firm now before it’s too late.

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DOG BITE INJURY: How can we help at Georgia Personal Injury Attorney?

Dog bites or attacks are usually because of negligent pet owners or could be just a simple accident. Dogs have mood swings too. But this doesn’t mean that as a pet owner whose dog caused injury to loved ones or strangers, he or she is can’t held responsible. Dog attacks can result in a traumatic experience. It will severely affect a person’s physical and emotional well-being for many years afterward.

If you or someone you know has been attacked by a dog, don’t hesitate to contact your personal injury attorney immediately. You as a victim have the legal right to just compensation. And of course, just like any claims, you need to follow a process to make a strong claims case. Don’t worry; your attorney will assist you every step of the way until the case is won.

At Georgia Personal Attorneys LLC, we have a good case history when it comes to claims, specifically with dog attack settlements. We understand that victims of dog bites and attacks will be scarred for life, therefore dog bite victims should be justly compensated for medical expenses and other damages. At-fault parties or the defendants should be held responsible for the incident. Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you.

It is mandated in Georgia Law that pet owners are to be held responsible if their dogs cause injuries and property damage. Furthermore, if you were bitten by a dog in a public place or while legally on someone else’s property, you are within your rights to file a claim against the dog owner. He or she is liable for their dogs. If you were bitten in someone else’s property while the dog was being walked, or while roaming around without its owner, the dog owner is still responsible for the attack.

As mentioned earlier, you need to prove that you were attacked by the dog without provocation. But you don’t need to prove that the pet owner knew his or her dog was vicious or will attack even if not provoked. Most importantly, if you were trespassing or was illegally on someone else’s property when attacked by the dog, you are not allowed to sue for damages.

What is the compensation for workers who are allowed to access private properties and are instead attacked?

Workers such as delivery men, mail carriers and other employees who need to access private properties without the need to inform the property owners are protected by law in the state of Georgia. Accessing properties are part of their job. If a worker is bitten by a dog during duty hours and within the premises of the property where he was bitten, he or she can submit a claim for worker’s compensation benefits.

Aside from worker’s compensation, which is insurance provided to employees with these types of job descriptions, can also file a claim against the owner of the dog, but must not be owned by the employer. The injured employee can get additional compensation by filing a third-party claim and it is on top of the benefits he or she received from worker’s compensation.

How much is the settlement of a dog attack?

You need to prove to the claims court that you have sustained and are suffering from injuries that prevent you from functioning normally. Dogs are considered to be man’s best friend however then can become vicious at times and can become extremely dangerous and whether they are big dogs or smalls ones, the injuries sustained can still be serious. Dogs such as pit bulls, Rottweiler’s, German Shepherd’s, Huskies and Doberman Pinschers are some examples of pets who attack people.

Often times, victims will suffer:

– Cuts and tears

– Disfigurement

– Muscle and tendon damage

– Bone fractures

– Blood loss

– Wound infections

– Neck and spinal cord injuries

– Rabies

– Emotional and mental trauma

If you suffer from one or more above listed injuries, it can be really debilitating on your part and it is only lawful and just for you to seek compensation. In order to ensure a strong case hiring the right personal injury attorney to assist you is one of the best steps to do in order to achieve success in your claims case.

Your personal injury attorney, who is an expert in handling dog attack claims, will be able to guide you on what to do, prepare you for cross-examinations and assist you in gathering evidence and key witnesses.

What is the Liability of a Dog Attack?

Some State laws, especially in the state of Georgia, the person responsible for their dogs are of course their owners. However, the owner’s liability will vary from one case to the other. Whether the owner knows if their pet is vicious or not, it is still their responsibility to take care of their dogs. However, there are two exceptions to the rules. The first one is when the dog is provoked that prompted the attack. The victim’s own irresponsibility will be taken into account which can affect the monetary settlement. Secondly, if the attack was made on the owner’s property, the owner is not made liable especially if a warning sign about their dog was posted (unless if the victim is under 6 years old).

When filing a dog bite case, it is important to remember that it has the statute of limitations. The Statute of Limitations is a law that states the amount of time allotted in filing a claims case. This time limitation starts from the time that victim was bitten by the dog. If the victim was not able to file within the time frame, they will no longer be able to file for claims or ask for settlement at all. Therefore it is imperative that hiring a lawyer immediately after the incident should be made.


What damages are covered by the settlement if you are a victim of a dog bite?

The victims of dog attacks are entitled to:

– Medical expenses

– Lost wages

– Pain and suffering

– Emotional and physical distress

How can we help at Georgia Personal Injury Attorney LLC?


With our years of providing legal representations to dog bites claims cases, we are very equipped in handling any dog attack injuries. We know how the process works and we will make sure that just and fair compensation is provided to yo 

The accident can affect not only the physical aspect of your well-being but also emotionally. The traumatic event can lead to life-threatening injuries, disfigurement and surgery. This will result to high medical expenses. Medical expenses can cost to hundreds if not thousands of dollars, additionally you may even lose your job due to the injuries. By filing a claim, the settlement should be able to help you in paying off the debts accumulated due to the accident.

At Georgia Personal Injury Attorney LLC we will assist you every step of the way until you will be able to get what is rightfully yours. Get in touch with us today to get a free case evaluation.

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Don’t wait until it is too late to seek justice for the dog bite attack that happened to you or to a loved one, call us now for a free personal injury case evaluation.