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The shoulder is one of the most complex joints and also one of the largest joints in the body. It is formed where the humerus (the upper arm bone) fits into the scapula (the shoulder blade) like a ball and socket. Since the humerus fits loosely in the shoulder joint, it allows the shoulder to have a wide range of motion. Because of this structure, the shoulder is vulnerable to injury.
Aside from the bones, the shoulder joints include, the acromion is a bony projection off the scapula, the clavicle or collarbone meets the acromion, the coracoid process is a bony projection that is shaped like a hook from the scapula. Furthermore, the shoulder joints have important structures, such as the rotator cuff which is made up muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder. These muscles are the reason why the shoulder has a wide range of movement. To protect and provide a cushion for the tendons in the rotator cuff, a small sac of fluid called the bursa is also a part of the shoulder structure. A cartilage called the labrum, formed like a cup to fit the ball-like head of the humerus.
Shoulder pain may be caused by several conditions or it could just be a simple shoulder pain. The shoulders are made up of joints, tendons, muscles, and ligaments. Any disorders on these parts can cause pain to the individual.

Shoulder pain can be a result of the following conditions:

  • The strain from overexertion can cause the muscles to contract beyond its capability causing pain
  • Tendonitis or inflammation of the tendons is usually caused by overuse
  • Since the shoulder is made up of ball and socket joint, it is easy to be dislocated
  • Fractures of the collar and upper arm bones
  • Radiculopathy or compressed nerves can cause pain

Pain relievers, hot and cold compression are some of the treatment that can be given to individuals with shoulder pain.

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If you think you are suffering from Shoulder Pain you should seek medical assistance. You may also be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits. The SSA considered Shoulder Pain as a medical condition that would make you eligible for SSDI and SSI. Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a “Listing of Medical Impairments” (known as the blue book) that automatically qualify you for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).