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The liver is the second largest organ in the body. It has many functions that if left untreated can cause life-threatening conditions. The functions of the liver include:
• Bile production and excretion

• Produces bilirubin, cholesterol, hormones, and drugs
• It is responsible for the metabolism of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates
• Activates enzymes for digestion
• Serves as a storage point for glycogen, vitamins, and minerals
• The liver is also responsible for the production of red blood cells.
• It removes toxins from the body and purifies blood

Because of its essential functions for a person to lead a healthy life, the liver is subjected to a lot of injuries and illness. Taking proper care of your liver is very important.
Chronic liver disease is a medical condition which is characterized by a progressive destruction of the liver tissues causing scars to form in the organ. It is also a liver disorder that lasts for a period of six months or more.

The cause of chronic liver diseases are listed below but not limited to:
• It could be hereditary. This includes cystic fibrosis, chromosomal abnormality, the prevalence of being a carrier
• Too much iron absorption that will lead to iron deposits in the liver.
• Wilson’s disease that will progress to liver cirrhosis and neuropsychiatric symptoms, arrhythmias and cardiomyopathy
• Copper accumulation in the liver due to autosomal recessive disorder
• Autoimmune disorders
• Budd-Chiari disease
• The intake of certain drugs that could cause liver disease
• Diseases that are caused by a virus such as Hepa B, C and D
• Excessive intake of alcoholic drinks’
The symptoms of chronic liver disease include:
• Jaundice or the yellow discoloration of the skin
• Gynaecomastia or enlargement of the breast in men and women. This is due to the abnormal production of sexual hormones in a damaged liver.
• Portal hypertension
• Ascites
• Fatigue or tiredness
• Weight loss
• Vomiting

The treatment for chronic liver disease would depend on its cause and severity.

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If you think you are suffering from Chronic Liver Disease you should seek medical assistance. You may also be entitled to Social Security Disability Benefits. The SSA considered Chronic Liver Disease as a medical condition that would make you eligible for SSDI and SSI. Social Security Administration (SSA) maintains a “Listing of Medical Impairments” (known as the blue book) that automatically qualify you for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).