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If a car or another form of vehicle is involved in a bicycle accident, it can result in serious injuries and can be even life threatening. The injuries sustained through a bicycle accident can be permanent and severe which may cause disability. Not only can you experience pain and suffering after a bicyclist accident you may not be able to work, which can cause other issues such as losing your job, your home and mounting medical bills. Fortunately, Georgia has a law that protects the right of its residents and with the help of a bike accident attorney; you can fight for the settlement that is rightfully yours.


Need A Pedestrian Accident Lawyer In Georgia?

If you have been injured by no fault of your own while walking on public or private property you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering. Your pedestrian injury settlement claim amount is based on many factors, therefore there is no simple way to calculate your personal injury claim value. Give Sam a call and get a free case review and determination of your pedestrian injury settlement.

Personal injury claims, including pedestrian accidents have a specific time period when you need to make your personal injury claim otherwise you may be barred by time. Call our injury law firm now before it’s too late.


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If you or a loved one were injured in a bicycle accident, seek medical attention immediately. Your medical findings are very important when filing a settlement claim. Take note that some injuries such as head or back injuries, may not show any symptoms right away but can sometimes take some time to develop. Additionally, gather information from key witnesses such as their names and phone numbers. Their accounts of the whole incident can be very helpful for the claims case.


Cooperate with the police. They need to ask you some questions at the scenes or at the hospital. Ask for copies of police reports. You can do this by going to the police station that investigated the accident.


The next thing you can do is to look for the right legal representation. At Georgia Law Firm we have experienced bicycle accident lawyers who can represent you and work on your behalf in order build a strong settlement case. Additionally, you need to have an attorney who can give legal advice in regards to the accident. Often, when an accident happens, insurance companies would contact you and offer you a monetary settlement in an attempt to prevent a lawsuit and eventually to trial. The amount they usually offer is very small, far less than what your case is really worth. This is where your attorney comes in. He or she will give you legal advice on matters like this. Insurance companies do not usually compensate the injured person, but instead, would protect their liability. Therefore it is only logical to left it to an experienced lawyer.


Your bike accident lawyer will assist you every step of the way by gathering information for you, will conduct an investigation to gather data from key witnesses and police reports. Your attorney will ensure that he or she is able to build a strong settlement case which will increase your chance of winning the claims and receiving the largest settlement case possible.


Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents

a. Bike accidents caused by turning left. Chances are high that a vehicle turning left can hit oncoming motorist. Due to bicycles being small, sometimes it can be hard for a driver to see them which causes the accidents.
b. Open-door accidents. Some bicycle accidents can occur when a car door opens that is on the side next to a moving traffic. Still, many people, including passengers alike open their door even if they are near bicycle lanes. This can cause cyclist to crash into the door and sustain injuries.
c. Drivers would back out from their driveways or side streets abruptly onto the road without looking for cyclist or motorist.
d. Often, drivers of vehicles would often change lanes. This is fairly normal but sometimes cyclist can be missed which would cause bicycle accidents.
e. Drivers should provide enough space to cyclist. In some states they have laws that mandate drivers to provide a minimum space of at least three feet from their automobile and the bike when overtaking. Some drivers of trucks, SUVs and other vehicles can get impatient and would attempt to drive pass without giving enough time and room for the cyclist.
f. Collision on intersections are very common because some drivers fails to spot oncoming bicycles due to certain behaviors such as running red lights, not following road signs or making sudden right turn driving.
g. Roadway conditions that are unsafe
Examples of unsafe roadways are projecting objects and potholes which can cause injury accidents for bicyclists. If these road side conditions exist on private property, the property owner is responsible if they know that it is hazardous to other people. If roadway conditions occur in public property, the government that manages the area is responsible and can be liable for money damages.



Almost all states in the US require that cyclist should wear safety gears such as helmets, the use of lights, flashers and proper clothing. These actions would reduce the risk of bicycle accidents and would decrease the development of serious injuries. Here are some of the most common bicycle accident injuries but not limited to:

– Head injuries or concussions – these are head injuries that occurs after the accident or a few days or weeks after the incident
– Herniated discs or spinal injuries – these are injuries that affects your spinal cord.
– Rib, arm and leg fractures
– Internal bleeding
– Organ injuries
– Road rash or abrasions


The injuries mentioned above can require extensive medical interventions, such as orthopedic surgery, CT scans, MRIs and X-rays.


Factors that is relevant in a Bicycle Accident Lawsuits.

Most of the time, both parties of a bicycle accident will agree to a fair amount of settlement and your lawyer will assist you during the To get an idea of what will happen during a bicycle accident lawsuit, your attorney will assist you every step of the way. He or she will give you legal advice in support to your claims.

– Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol would be looked into
– The conditions of your vehicle or bike before and after the accident
– Check whether you were following bike laws
– The arguments presented by the defendant’s attorney in defense against the evidence and case presented by the plaintiff
– If the accidents happened in a bicycle lane
– The severity of your injuries
– If you where wearing bike protective gear as mandated by the law of Georgia
– Credibility of the key witnesses and the records gathered by your lawyer such as police reports, medical records and video footage if available
– Location of the accident
If you were involved in any forms of accident it can affect you physically and emotionally. Cycling is a popular form of exercise and transportation for some. Therefore being responsible on the road no matter what form of vehicle you are driving, is important to prevent accidents.


To ensure that you will receive what is rightfully yours find a bicycle accident lawyer that you can trust. Your lawyer will assist you every step of the way until you receive your fair share of monetary settlement.

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